A Julia Child Thanksgiving and Her Time at Parade Magazine

Right about now everyone is peeling potatoes for mashed potatoes, or chopping onions for the stuffing, which will get prepared tomorrow with some fresh sage that is still going strong in the November garden. That’s what is going on in our kitchen this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a holiday anchored by the turkey and everyone’s favorite side dishes like sweet potato casserole, or the green beans glistening from being tossed with butter and olive oil, with a crispy topping.

With all the preparations you are tackling if you are hosting the holiday, the most important thing you should take into consideration is to take a breath and relax. Try and find the enjoyment for you as well as your guests.

Julia Child urged home cooks forty years ago to try their hand at complicated French cooking techniques. Yet, she adapted to a more laid-back American style of cooking while she was the food editor at Parade Magazine in the early 1980’s. Read about how these changes came about in my Thanksgiving post in the link below and have a wonderful holiday.


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