Food and Cocktail Ideas for the Last Week of 2015!

The wrapping paper has been thrown out and if you have kids in the house you probably invested in new batteries this past week.

We had a spiral ham for Christmas dinner as we usually do each year. If you have leftover ham with the hambone, do yourself a favor and make a soup. There is such a treasure of flavor in meat bones that it would be a waste if you didn’t cook with it. Extracting the properties of the hambone can help make an easy-to-whip-up stock to use as a base for a soup with vegetables and small bits of the leftover ham.

Place the bone in a large pot along with chopped carrots, celery, onions and garlic. Cover with cold water and start to warm everything in the pot. Just as the pot starts to reach a boil, lower the flame and allow to simmer for several hours. Letting a broth of meat bones and vegetables boil makes for a cloudy broth. Don’t let it reach a boil and keep the broth clear in appearance.

Do you have some leftover fruit that you want to use up soon? Slice strawberries and keep other berries whole and add them to your freezer in sealed plastic bags. Drop the frozen fruit in champagne glasses to work as pretty ice cubes to keep glasses of the bubbly chilled for your party guests this New Year’s Eve. It’s so easy and the colored frozen fruit make cocktails look festive.

You must have some candy canes still around from the holiday festivities. At this point, if the kids haven’t eaten them, those red and white treats can make cocktail hour even better for you and your guests for New Year’s Eve. Candy canes and a good quality vodka can make candy-flavored-infused cocktails to make spirits bright.

Check out my post from Parade and try your hand at using leftover candy canes for desserts as well as cocktail choices to usher out the holiday season for 2015. Don’t underestimate what the kids’ fare can contribute to the adult enjoyment of the conclusion of the season.

Take a look at this Parade post from last year for candy cane ideas and make the most of what is in your house as the new year inches toward the midnight hour and brings us new opportunities and experiences.

Happy New Year to one and all!

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