Bee cool!

It’s so hot the bees have left the hive and are looking for a place to cool down!

A Summer Surprise!

So, how is your summer so far? We have had a surprise of a trumpet vine take hold where we put the new fence around the pool. There was a vine in the garden that didn’t really do much that seems to have taken on a new life. And it is spectacular! Maybe it just needed a different location.

We will talk herbs soon. Have a cocktail and enjoy these evenings!



My latest over at Parade about MasterChef and a cheese soufflé.

Here Comes Summer 2018!

The Memorial Day weekend has come and gone. The pool has been opened and is ready to welcome people to spend some relaxing hours and begin the summer vacation. All good!


Need some new ideas for hot dogs this summer? You can read my post about the incredibly talented chef, and James Beard award-winning television host Pati Jinich, over at the Food section at Parade.


If you haven’t discovered this PBS television host and chef, you need to take a look at her work here at her site.

Jinich shares a recipe for Mexican hot dogs that uses melted cheese on the hot dogs with a kick of flavor from a horseradish and mayonnaise spread on the inside of the buns.

You can add these hot dogs to your summer menu and make your friends and family happy with your riff on the classic hot dog off the grill.


Get the details here over at Parade.


We are ready for you summer breezes and conversation.

Remembering a First Lady with Her Recipes

This April has not given way to the spring season easily. Every beautiful day was followed by a chilly one that didn’t allow a string of days to let us ride a wave of pleasant weather.

20180424_091826 (1)

The change of seasons brings new experiences to embrace and a reminder of those people, places or events that have left us.

20180424_091844_HDR (1)

This April we lost a former First Lady with the passing of Barbara Bush. You can read the link below from my post at Parade. It is about an episode of Cooking Live with Food Network’s Sara Moulton and it included favorite recipes from First Ladies like Nancy Reagan, Jackie Kennedy, Rosalyn Carter and Barbara Bush.

Sara was kind enough to share the link on her Facebook page. Take a look at the post, her other recipes and ideas here in this link.

Bring on spring and the start of a new garden season! The garden is life. Life in a garden is peace.


It Felt Like Spring on a February Morning in the Garden

Every once in a while a February day can bring uncharacteristically warm weather and sunshine. We had one of those last week and it set a record in our area. It was the perfect reminder that the spring season is getting a little closer every day.


There are signs of spring all around if you look closely. A bud here and there. Maybe a  new green shoot or leaf bursting forth on branches and in the ground.


That’s the thing about perennial gardens – they move through time with you in cycles. This is the time of year when everything starts to wake up and appear once again.


Goodbye, December!

The beauty of winter came to visit before the holiday with a few quiet blankets of snow in mid-December. All you need is a little bit of a dusting of snow to feel the magic.


A pine tree that sits in the back of the garden takes on a new role in the winter season with snow. What once sat in the background in summer and fall, is now transformed.


It doesn’t take much to change how it looks and dress it up for the season. The powdery snow is the decoration that nature adds to the tree.


Our contribution is some gold and crimson-colored ribbons as well as small, twinkling lights.


So simple. So peaceful.

Best wishes for 2018 and Peace on Earth.


Let’s Say We Did November

So, the month of November slipped by without a check-in. That’s not to say it was a slow month. Not at all. Our Thanksgiving holiday was a lovely one filled with laughter, plates of sliced turkey and stuffing paired with a warm gravy boat.

20171123_174140 (1)

We have settled on a method that let’s the turkey come out perfectly brown every time. We soak large pieces of cheesecloth in melted creamy butter and add in fresh herbs like thyme and oregano, salt, paprika and garlic. This gets draped over the turkey as it cooks in the oven.

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Boo! A Minecraft Halloween


Nothing says Halloween like a Minecraft Jack o’ lantern!


Looking for some ideas for today? Take a look at my most recent post for the Food section over at Parade for some delicious ideas for everyone. Just click on the link below.

Have fun!

BobbyFlay, Rachael Ray and the End of September

Time to decide that the summer season is over.


After a cool end to the month of August, and a blast of heat in late September when we were back in school, we can say that even though it seemed a little off balance it is time to move on. This week brought us summer-like heat as the pumpkins were on display at the market.


Here are two of my recent posts from the food section over at Parade that you can take a look at for some recipe ideas.


It was a productive growing season for the herbs this summer. The rosemary that hung out in a window box was really happy with that location. It got intense afternoon sun and the fresh sprigs tossed on chicken or pork on the grill infused flavor for many outdoor meals on the patio.


Tomorrow we welcome October and all that is yet to come with fallen leaves, apples and pumpkins, and meals that reflect the change in season.